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STEP 3: Define your objectives

You already have selected a theme for your eduSHARE and determined how you are going to illustrate it. Now consider what you want to achieve with your eduSHARE! Do you want to make your fellow students aware about different approaches worldwide? Do you want to show that there are other ways that maybe we can learn from? Do you want to make your fellow students think about intercultural experiences? When determining the objectives of your eduSHARE, it may be interesting to take a look at the basic competences of teaching or intercultural competences.

As soon as you are clear about that, you can go on exploring, using the SMART model:

  1. Specific: What is the specific goal you want to achieve?
  2. Measurable: How do you verify that you have achieved the goal?
  3. Achievable: Can you really achieve the goal or is it too difficult?
  4. Relevant: Is your eduSHARE relevant for other students or teachers within your training programme?
  5. Timely: When is your deadline for achieving the goal?

Tip: try to work as focused as possible. So not: ‘I want to compare language teaching in South Africa with language teaching in Belgium’ but instead ‘Using a case study I want to illustrate how a school in Durban operates where children are given classes both in isiZulu and in English.’