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STEP 5: Involve and align with professionals in the country

You could also ask the teachers or other educational professionals in your host country what they find interesting as teaching practice! What are they proud of? Or what are they curious about with respect to education in Belgium?

Integrate diverse visions for more neutrality.

As a foreigner you often stay an outsider, but how do you manage to ‘sneak in’? Photographing or filming can become a mutual process. Together looking for the most respectful or fun way to show something is a good plan. This way you will be creating a positive memory for both parties.

By involving your partner in this process it can show itself what they find important and how for each single problem a specific solution is searched for. Making images together strengthens the visual impact and the story behind them. 

By taking into account the partner’s vision, the images you make will not be just your own interpretation anymore. So getting to know their view on the subject of your international practice is very important.

Chances are that in your partner country, there are various visions on the practice that you want to present, from the perspective of the school principal, students, pupils, and teachers … Try to establish these different perspectives, for example through an interview, a written text … Make sure to focus on the partner’s power, pride, and self-respect.

This way your international experience can afterwards be used in Belgium. From an expanded view, thanks to the different perspectives you offer.